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The Money Sessions

Apr 19, 2021

In this episode, we're speaking with Dr. Paige Hover, a testing psychologist and practicing therapist in Chicago who specializes in working with anxious perfectionists to help them understand what underlying issues may be contributing to their struggles. 

Paige, a Lean In. MAKE BANK. Grad is going to get VERY real about the struggles she had trusting that she could actually build a cash-pay practice as in the world of testing psychology - a field dominated by insurance based practices. Her journey wasn't easy and there were a lot of times she felt like giving up. Fortunately she persisted and she has reaped the clinical and financial rewards of playing the long game.

In this episode, Paige will share:

Why she decided not to take insurance as a testing psychologist;

How she overcame the negative messages she received around going private pay as a testing psychologist;

The challenges that come with being a testing psychologist who does NOT take insurance in a field where so may testing psychologists DO take insurance;

How she navigated the limbo of coming from a working class family and ultimately becoming a doctoral level testing psychologist and how feeling like she doesn’t belong to either world are part and parcel of being upwardly mobile;

Specific steps you can take as a testing psychologist to charge premium fees without being on insurance.

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Lean In. Make Bank.

More about Paige: 

Dr. Paige Hover is a clinical psychologist who works with anxious perfectionists to manage anxiety, burnout and budding addiction concerns. She provides therapy and psychological/neuropsychological testing. She is licensed and practices in Illinois, New York and soon PSYPACT states!

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